Fashion Dreams of Today

Greetings fellow Fashionistas!!My name is Shante’ Anderson, but you can refer to me as Sashay Shante'( thanks to Rupaul). I’m a fashion student at Howard University  one of the most fashionable campuses worldwide! As an individual who has a passion for fashion,I have been eager to dive into this  industry sooner rather than later.I’ve always imagined myself  working with prominent celebrities,paparazzi,clothing designers ,shoe lines, and helping others showcase their personal style. Fashion is away of life that inspires me.To be stylish one must walk the walk and talk the talk. This isn’t an easy task , but I think I’ve mastered it!

I created Style Promenade as away to document  all of my fashion adventures that I will be participating in this spring. I figured that no one’s always going to give you opportunities, you have to create your own. So, I have decided to create entries about careers in this industry,events,fashion entrepreneurs,most fashionable college students, and my journey of fulfilling my dream and becoming an active player in the league. Consider me the Rookie! Join me on my Journey down STYLE PROMENADE<3

fashionably yours,

Sashay Shante’

One comment

  1. La Tonya "MissBehaved" Cook · January 27, 2011

    Nice! You have officially been added to the Phenomenal Style Magazine blogroll!

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