Runway Clear its time for .. New York Fashion Week

where fashion meets the runway

The tents go up, the red carpets are laid out and New York City streets are jammed with celebrities rushing to enter the shows of Diane Von Furstenberg, YSL, and Tracie Resse. We’ve all been awaiting this event since it last occurred in the fall. The infamous New York Fashion Week is finally back. Lincoln Center will serve as the main location we’re fashionistas, trend forecasters, buyers, celebrities and local patrons unite in the name of FASHION! How exciting is it to be amongst some of the most influential people in the industry. NYFW actually started during World War II, as, for the first time, allies of the French were cut off from fashion news due to the occupation of Paris by the Nazis. Publicist and fashion-enthusiast Eleanor Lambert is the woman to thank for coming up with the idea of a press week that would showcase clothes in the New York market. The first NYFW included a portion called “Borough Belles,” with the styles of women from the five boroughs. “Brooklyn and Manhattan girls are opposite.”

Having worked in Dcfashionweek this fall I think it’s time for me to step my game up. So I’m taking my talents to NY this time. I made it my mission to attend this year’s events and my persistence paid off thanks to some help from I was able to snag me an internship with fashion styling company Eyesight –US. This agency works on some the most luxury special events during fashion week from Dior to Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi. I can’t express how exciting this is for me, finally I’m going to take the leap right into the Fashion Capital. I don’t mind getting my feet wet, heck I don’t mind getting them dirty, if it’s for the love of fashion. I’ll be sure to keep my audience updated with great fashion news of the weeks to come.

Fashionably yours,

Sashay Shante’

One comment

  1. La Tonya "MissBehaved" Cook · January 27, 2011

    Very informative post! Thank you for the history lesson and good luck this NYFW : )!

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