Black History Month Highlights: Tracy Reese


   Go to designer for the first lady Michelle Obama, Tracy Reese is one of the fashion industry’s most influential African-American women designers. Her clothing has grazed the runways of numerous fashion weeks making its way into department stores and specialty boutiques alike. She has two clothing lines Tracy Reese and Plenty both of which have been very successful.

 The Detroit native arrived in Manhattan in 1982 to attend Parsons School of Design where she received an accelerated degree in 1984. Upon graduation, Reese apprenticed under designer Martine Sitbon while working for the small contemporary firm, Arlequin.  Reese worked at some of the industry’s top fashion houses, including Perry Ellis where she was the design director for Women’s Portfolio.

For her spring 2011 collection she was inspired by the 1970’s retro, and prints from travels around the world. The color scheme of cool blues, lilacs, and tans—punctuated by shots of coral—gave this gadabout collection a surprising cohesiveness.(courtesy of This is a black women who is maintaining her relevance in this industry I salute you Ms. Reese!

Check out whats in for Spring 2011

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