Recap:MY NY Fashion Week Experience

Going to New York for fashion week was an unforgettable experience. Unreal I would like to say. I was so determined to attend this season’s event, by any means necessary, and thanks to a friend of mine for referring me to a website I was able to actually intern for a fashion production company. Eyesight US took me on as one of their interns for the week, along with about 20 other young adults who have a passion for fashion. This company works with designers to create 10-12 shows during fashion week, some names included Alexander Wang, Diesel, J.Mendel, Erin Featherstone, Pamela Rowland, and LUBLU just to name a few. Initially I didn’t know what I was walking into; I was just so excited to be in the environment, amongst some powerful players in the industry. During the pre collection of Diesel Black Gold I stood across from the editor of French Vogue magazine, Emmanuelle Alt. I had no idea who she was at first, but after I found out, I knew I was in the right place at the right time.

Renowned Makeup artist Pat MCGrath led a team of over 60 makeup artist during the two shows I attended (Diesel and J. Mendel). Her work is not only awesome it’s legendary, not to mention she is a black woman who is at the top of her game. I was privileged to wear that all access pass around my neck. I enjoyed walking around the VIP area of the tents where there was free wine tasting, a star bucks bar, make up booths, Mac computer areas, and photographers snapping pictures everywhere. “I could get used to this,” was my overall reaction.

After a week of getting coffee, walking about 40 blocks for a camera battery, visiting almost every single hotel in Manhattan, picking up cases of water, hangers, dinner, and  anything else under the sun that was needed it was great to finally have the chance to see my first real fashion show  during fashion week. Since some guest did not arrive at the Diesel show I was able to sit down in view the show from the FRONT ROW!!!Amazing!!Since many of you did not get to see the collection here it is below

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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