Those Shoes are Promenade APPROVED!

fabulous and broke

 Are consumers paying for the name brand, or the style of the shoe? Lately I’ve been consuming less and observing more, realizing you can be stylish on a budget. One important thing every cost efficient   Fashionista  must do is Shop Around. Don’t buy the first thing you see, mainly because another store may have it for a cheaper price or you may find something else that will win over your heart. This season clogs and platform are must have’s for spring. Originally clogs were worn as protective footwear for workers in factories, mines and farms. But this spring they will be worn by me and every other women with a sense of style. High heel clogs with platforms are another look from the 70s and clogs are very wearable. These shoes have style, height, comfort, and moxie. Rock them with belted, wide leg, flair or wide trousers or jeans. I’ll be sure to have on my favorite pair. If you can’t afford clogs from Jeffrey Campbell, or Marc Jacobs visit stores like Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe to get the same chic look only with a different price tag. These shoes are the perfect finish to any everyday outfit. Below is a cluster of shoes, try figuring out the most expensive pair from the most affordable pair. Good Luck! I know this is a tough one.


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