Summer is near , How can I land my perfect Internship?


  College students all around the country attend career fairs during the academic year in order to land that perfect summer job . Corporations come from all around the world recruiting for the next addition to their business. Whether its Verizon, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, AOL, and even McDonalds every one is searching for new bright young talent to add to their emerging companies. I myself have attended numerous carrer fairs this years , I think I grabbed every business card I could. One must be eager and show interest in order to get the employers attention. These  internship are very competitive and are not as easy as one may think to obtain. Especially one that is willing to pay you for your services.Trust me I’ve applied to about 10 companies, and the waiting process is aganizing! Some tips to making yourself stand out to obtain a great internship is creating a great resume, having good academics, and showing personality and urge to want to learn more about an industry or related field. Before the summer comes make sure you make and effort to apply for an internship.


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