Fashion Friends on the Rise “J.DOE Magazine”

Photo: Creator of J.DOE Magazine Nahjier Lattimore (Neptune, NJ)

These days everyone is looking for their big break in the entertainment industry. Some achieve this dream while many fall short, often because they don’t receive enough exposure. Howard University sophomore ,  Nahjier “NI”Lattimore realized this reoccurring factor and wanted to create a platform where everyone had an opportunity to  have their 15 minutes of fame.  This can not only be life changing but it can be evolutionary for  many underground artist  , fashion designers, stylist and anybody else unknown who has a passion and a dream and just needs to be properly introduced to the public. He and a group of close friends sat and established the idea of creating J. Doe Magazine.

J.DOE Magazine is for, but not limited to, the unknown, rising, and aspiring fashion designers, artists, and athletes. The magazine has a commitment to give everyone with potential an opportunity to get themselves known. Setting up interviews with the rising “unknown,”John  and Jane Doe ,to have their time in the limelight .This team of 5 college students from the Neptune/Asbury Park , New Jersey embraces everyone’s talents and gives them a proper interview and article in which they are free to express themselves.The magazine’s area of focus is currently the Tri-state (NY,NJ,PA) and the DMW(DC,MD,VA) areas.

Great idea !


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