“Get Real.” NJ counterfiet clothing ring BUST!

    A friend of mine that attends the Howard University Law school shared this article with me and I found it to be a great read. The Tittle reads “New Jersey Smashes counterfeit Clothing Ring.” Sound good right! But let me just pose one question how many of you have every purchased a knock off  handbag ,piece of jewelry, clothing etc.? Just take a peak in your closet and I’m certain you can find a few things that fit under this category. When taking that trip to NY, it’s a part of the experience when visiting the city to stop by Canal street and see all the merchandise they have to sell and no one every thinks that what these street vendors are doing is illegal. Yea, that’s right ILLEGAL . This is an area of fashion that I have become very interested in and that is the practice of intellectual property.Laws are in place to protect designers from having their merchandise copied , a law that is  more strictly enforced in Europe than in the US. Which I find to be very strange since the fashion industry makes up a large portion of the economy, why wouldn’t government enforce these law practices more often? For all my fashion lovers and inspiring designer get familiar with the legal aspect of this industry because it can make or break your brand . Below is the Article discussed in its entirety.



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