The JUNQUI is an independent blog created by the outspoken, vibrant, and humorous Quiana Parks of Paterson, NJ. Growing up she always considered herself to have leadership qualities, but not many people followed her league. Some people never believed in her and that often made her discouraged. Being known as the “weird one” and the outcast, was not an easy title for a young adolescent to maintain. However! After spanking the “BIG C” (Cancer) on the booty summer of 05′ she decided it didn’t matter whether or not she had followers just as long as she believed in herself.  So she began sketching her little heart out, painting, styling and landed a job in the heart of fashion, New York City….. She has a deep love fashion but she is an artist first.

She shares her platform with a team of three other creative individuals who aspire to help up-and-coming artists promote and expose their music, art, designs and creativity to fans. All while giving artists a platform to showcase their works. Unlike big corporations that are solely out for a profit, the JUNQUI looks to help underexposed artists with superstar potential take their talent to the next level while establishing personal, friendly, and honest communication. This is a place where you find your inner JUNQUI. It doesn’t matter if your passion lies in the arts, fashion, music, or lifestyle THE JUNQUI is a great place to stay connected. I applaud the JUNQUI team on creating a place where creativity lives.



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