A Project turned Passion

Reading blogs is a hobby that I have somewhat become addicted to and  gained a love for. I especially love celebrity gossip blogs, fashion blogs, and lifestyle blogs. These are the places I go to , to get inspiration for an outfit or the latest musicians look out for.I came up with the idea of creating my own blog stylepromenade, one that caters to all the aspects of fashion that I have a great love for. This  was a great year in fashion as well as for myself, I began the year as an intern for DC Fashion week, attended Teen Vogue ‘s Fashion University, interned at NY fashion week, volunteer at Howard Universities fashion law week and most recently the head stylist of a 70’s inspired photo shoot. This blog has allowed me to document many of my experiences, while keeping my intimate audience aware of breaking news in the fashion industry. I have featured stories about designer’s legal issues, as well as the increase in cracking down on bootlegs labels. Another important aspect of this blog was to highlight some new comers to the fashion world. Whether they were starting up a business, magazine, blog, or clothing line I wanted to make my audience aware of them. I learned late in the process how to turn my blog into a business, ultimately making a profit off of my special project. This is an assignment that does not end here. I will continue to keep my fashion friends educated, and entertained with the latest fashion trends, and fashion news. I want to thank you all for checking in whats new on the promenade.



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