photo above : Everett Hall and Everette Hall men’s boutique


Black History Month Spotlight: Edward Hall of Everett Hall

Edward Hall, an Ohio native and Howard University Alumni; is a fashion designer who specializes in men suiting. Having been in the fashion industry for over 20 years this gentlemen has been able to grow his business into the brand he and his brothers envisioned over 20 years ago. The Hall brothers have two brick and mortar boutiques in Washington DC area .Their most popular location can be visited in Chevy Chase, MD. They sell to over 50 specified retailers throughout the world and their creations are carried by Lubiam 1911, one of Italy’s well-known and finest manufacturers.  Everett Hall, head designer of the company, and older brother to Edward was welcomed into the Council of fashion designers of America; he shares this platform with renowned designers like Donna Karen and Calvin Klein. Black History right in our community!

Today Edward came back to his old stomping ground Howard University to talk about his journey. And my was it inspiring!!From a small business at Howard University to traveling the world to dress some A list clients. Everett Hall designs , has an all star clientele, literally! From the likes of Charles Barkley, Alonzo Morton, Isaiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Sugar Ray Lenard, Maury Povich and Nelson Mandela. Mr. Hall discussed the importance of knowing the business and artistry of the fashion industry. He stated that, “Business goes where it’s wanted, but it stays where it’s appreciated.” Many students want to be where he is but never know how to get there. He was kind enough to answer tons of questions from students who aspire to be in his shoes one day. Questions ranged from how to you seek out stylist, to how to find property and lease a retail space. The students of Howard University are never really shy when it comes to how they can establish a career. I commend Professor Miki Taylor for bringing speakers who inspire, encourage, and motivate the students to keep pushing


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