Designer Spotlight : Aree “Beads By Aree”

Artistic, Cultured, and Visionary


I’m always inspired by individuals that turn their passions into profitable businesses. Having a creative edge that appeals to a wide variety of people is a profound gift. The artist of Beads by Aree captivates me with her out of the box custom jewelry line.  A collection of pieces that translate into mini forms of artwork.  These are the perfect accents to highlight those basic staple pieces in your wardrobe. Feathered earrings, body chains, extravagant rings, ankle bracelets, studded earrings, and waist beads are just a few of the items that are a part of her collections.

beads by aree 1

beads by aree 2


beads 6

beads 7

Beads By Aree began right in one of the infamous dorm rooms at Howard University. While attending college to pursue an acting career, Aree began to work on her jewelry more frequently and her friends loved it!  I had the opportunity to work with this young lady on her most recent photo shoot for Beads by Aree. Not only is she one of the nicest people I’ve ever met but her vision for her company is admirable. Visit her website   I promise you will not be disappointed. Below are some of the behind the scenes shot for beads by Aree Summer/ Fall 2013 campaign.

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