VMA’s 2013 an Award show or a Brooklyn Circus ?


So how many of you were tuned into MTV’s Video Music Awards last night ? Here’s a quick recap on the good , the bad , and the what the hell moments that took place . If you didn’t get a chance to view what millions of American viewers watched last night, here’s what you missed! In the beginning Lady Gaga opens the show, she appears to be a nun and quickly transforms into a thong wearing mermaid. GO figure? What else would you expect from the outrageously interesting Lady Gaga. Up next, miss little booty Miley Cyrus teaches us how to Twerk or whatever she was doing .There was a lot of ass grabbing and pelvic thrusting going on but it was evident that Miley was very turned up !Throughout this performance Miley dropped” it like it was hot “ all on Robin Thicke. Robin strutted around the stage in a very slim fit beetle juice inspired fit, and I’m being modes by saying slim(because the suite was tight as hell) lol!   Talk about blurred lines? Kendrick Lamar and 2 chains made small cameos but nothing very memorable. Up next was Kevin Hart, he reminded the crowd to TURN UP as only Kevin Hart should! Yeezus showed up for his auto tuned performance .A slight play with some visuals, a simple, but classic performance from the musical genius. Now ,this seemed like the Kanye West we all know, not that well-mannered Kanye which recently appeared on the Kris Jenner show.

Next up was the main event, Mr. Justin Timberlake. He serenaded the audience with some of his most popular hits  Sexy back, Cry me a river  to Suite and tie and Mirrors every person in the building was on their feet. But the epic moment was captured when the lights got low and I was taken back to 5th grade memories when N’sync popped up  five men strong on my TV. That’s right ladies and gentleman Lance, JT,JC,Joey and Chris all one stage again what a reunion!

Nsync reunion

Watch Justin Timberlake’s epic performance here!

 Timberlake went on to win the Micheal Jackson award , a thanked his former band members for helping him reach this plateau in his life.  After that spectacular performance Timberlake has earned his title as the President of Pop and becoming a legend in the pop music genre. Katy Perry performed her new single on the Brooklyn Bridge  to close out the show and finally this Circus of award show was over!

The 2013 VMA’s has been filled with crazy fashions, interesting celebrity reactions, and an endless amount of What the hell moments.   Social networking sites went bananas over this award show, the public did not hesitate to add their two cents on every single detail of the show. Overall this has by far been one of the most outrageously weird award shows I have seen in quite some time.  Let’s see what madness MTV has to bring to the air waves in 2014. Stay tuned !


Video from last nights VMA’S : Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke ” Blurred Lines”


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