“PROM DATE. ” visuals story created by LUX ELY’TS STYLE X SUITS AND STREETS

High School is such a transparent experience that many teenagers face immediately after their elementary graduation. So many things change during this transition, and many teenagers have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. But after 4 years of  new faces, basketball games, Friday night football , mean girl clicks, decorated lockers, and  homecoming dances two final moments seal the deal to your high school journey. Of course we know the Finale is graduation but one night many anticipate the most is PROM!!

Do you guys remember prom? I can say first hand , Prom was so stressful. “What will I wear”, “who will I take to prom”, “what fly car will we ride in”, “who’s having the after party?” So many decisions, so many peoples opinions, it can be a little overwhelming. After your all dressed and ready to go the final mirror check solidifies if  ” Fleekness” is in tact. Then and only then your PROM READY!!

I had the opportunity of working with Suits and Streets to create this project entitled ” Prom Date.”  Where the girl who finishes first ultimately finishes last. This Story so ” high school” , please enjoy the visuals this wont be the last time you see the creative stories captured.



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