What America Looks like :A black Muslim woman is representing the United States of America in the Olympics! Take that Mr. Trump



This year the 2016 Olympic Games is making history. Team USA has come to Rio, Brazil ready to bring home the Gold. With about 28 types of sports events being held during the summer Olympics, this event has created a burst of excitement for all sports lovers across the world. With the current state of racial tension in America, the Olympic Games has brought as sense of unity, bringing us all together as one nation cheering for Team USA. History shows that sports has been known as one of the many entities used to unite individuals, from different walks of life, cultures, and languages.

Today we introduce Ibtihaj Muhammad. A Maple wood, New Jersey native and Americas first Muslim African American set to participate in the women’s 2016 Olympic fencing team. That’s right a Black Muslim is representing the United States of America! Oh the irony .Take that Mr. Trump. Muhammad began fencing at the age of 13. She later went on to receive a scholarship to Duke, where she became a three-time All American and 2005 Junior Olympic champion. Earning a dual degree in International Relations and African American Studies she also attended school in Morocco where she completed extensive courses in Moroccan culture and Arabic.


Muhammad’s story is very special and one that resonates with a large population in America specifically the Black and Muslim community.  She is making history as we speak. During the Olympic Games, the public is being introduced to so many remarkable people that live among us, in reality many are our neighbors. “The honor of representing Muslim and black women is one I don’t take lightly,” said Muhammad for Rollingstone. As an African American woman myself, I can be the first to say how inspiring her story is for every little girl who has struggled or is struggling with their identity. This is the first woman to break the barrier for Muslim African American woman. Talk about No Ceilings! This is history, this is what America looks like! Join me as we cheer as one nation for not only Ibtihaj Muhammad but for the rest of Team USA! #Blackgirlmagic



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