Taking Flight … I’m going to Europe


packing list

After turning 25 years old last month, I decided to come up with a bucket list. On the list I included all the things I wanted to accomplish for the year, from saving money to kicking off a business. I must say my quarter of a century check list was pretty extensive. I knew that turning twenty five was a pretty big deal and should be celebrated by not only my family and friends, but by myself. It’s time that I celebrate me! After talking with my friends I realized we all felt the same way. So many of us are building careers, families, falling in love, and some of us are just trying to get our shit together. However for the most part we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the accomplishments we have achieved thus far in our lives. My friend Dawn came up with the idea of taking a life changing trip, and being that she had a birthday approaching in August the timing couldn’t be even more perfect. So guess what we did, we got together and planned a trip to Europe.

I’m so excited to check off the box of World Traveling. With so many places to visit on my tourist list, from the Coliseum, the Venice Canal, the city of Pompeii and Rome and not to mention the fashion capital of Milan one issue arises, what should I wear?  As a stylist I usually don’t have a problem putting together a fabulous look. The only hiccup is narrowing down what looks can fit in my luggage (Damn you baggage fees). I promised not to overdo it on the wardrobe lol! Wish me luck! Check out my packing list for Italy below. Milan here we come!




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